The vacuum preservation procedure provides for four operations: preparation, vacuum-packing, labelling and storage. These operations must be carried out according to specific rules which should be carefully observed to get the best results. We suggest some general rules (it is advisable to consider because they can be of use for any kind of food). 

PREPARATION - When vacuum-packing process, the freshness of food is very important. It is necessary to verify its coming. The products to be preserved must be already prepared so as to find them ready for their immediate use (direct tasting or cooking) at the moment of consumption. Thus, all rejects and useless parts (skins, fish bones, roots, etc.) must be removed. The product must be washed and dried and, anyhow, always cleaned. Before vacuum-packing, it is advisable to divide the product into handy portions so as to be used for one meal only.

VACUUM-PACKING - Food is preserved in bags suitable for vacuum-packing or in stiff tempered glass or polycarbonate containers. The process goes on by creating some vacuum according to what is reported in the description related to the working of the vacuum machine.

LABELLING - Each single packaging can be labelled so as to emphasize the preservation start date. This is useful to check the stoppage time of vacuum packed and to keep a proper turnover on consumption.

STORAGE - Correct storage guarantees food preservation in ideal packagings. Most of vacuum-packed food stuffs must be kept at a refrigeration temperature until the moment of consumption.

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