Since the remotest times, man has tried to preserve the food he needed for his maintenance in order to extend its freshness for a long time. Greater economic wealth, greater food education and, above all, reduced availability of time to be dedicated to the preparation of food have supported the achievements of more and more effective and practical preservation techniques.

The vacuum preservation technique belongs to the rank of “delicate technologies“. This procedure provides for the packing of products in bags or stiff containers from which all air is removed.

The reduced availability of oxygen inside the packages restrains the development of aerobic micro-organisms, the oxidative going rancing of fatty substances, the decomposition of nutritional constituents, which are the phenomena responsible for the loss of olfactory, taste and consictency features of food.

Until not so many years ago, the vacuum preservation system was used at industrial level only. S.I.C.O. KITCHENWARE's professional vacuum packers assure industrial quality vacuum packing straight at your home.

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